TED Talks 2022 by TEDx Durbarmarg concludes

TED Talks 2022 by TEDx Durbarmarg concludes

The fourth physical session, TED talks 2022 “Taking Nepal to the world” by TEDx Durbarmarg comes to an end with 9 speakers from different sector coming together with different idea, views and plans.


There were 9 speakers, 5 international, and 4 nationals. International speakers include Mr.Varun Sridhar (CEO of Paytm Money), Mr.Anukool Bhatnagar (Chief General Manager of SBI bank), Mr. Joseph Silvanus (Managing Director of Dolma Consultancy), Ms. Namrata V. Shroff (Interior designer and Board member of YPO) and Mr.Machut Shishak(Head of the political and economic section of US embassy Nepal). National speakers include Ms.Anuradha Koirala (founder of Maiti Nepal and CNN hero Awardee 2010), Mr. Anil Keshary Shah (CEO of Nabil bank), and Dr.Shail Rupakheti (Managing Director of S Pageospital and Ms.-ShilQ Ma+key (Actress).


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