Surakshya Panta flaunts Tenzin Tseten Bhutia’s red dress at Cannes

<div>Surakshya Panta flaunts Tenzin Tseten Bhutia's red dress at Cannes</div>

Surakshya Panta, a Nepali actress, has become the first Nepali woman to walk the red carpet at the prestigious 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival. Panta’s Italian and Belgian film ‘The Eight Mountains,’ premiered last night at the film festival. The movie, which was also shot in Manang of Nepal, is the second film to be screened in the Palme d’Or main competition.

The actress landed in France through Rome, Italy yesterday afternoon for the Cannes Film Festival. She also had a significant role in the filming of the movie, which took place in Nepal and Italy. With the film ‘Lori’ being the first Nepali film to be presented in Cannes, and Panta becoming the first Nepali actress to walk the Cannes red carpet, Nepal has made two histories this year.


Panta looked flawless in her beautiful red gown designed by one of Nepal’s best fashion designers Tenzin Tseten Bhutia. “We brainstormed for a while for the dress and the first thing that sprang to her mind was that she needed a red gown which is fair enough as Nepal’s flag is predominantly red,” he says.

Bhutia was left with the task of creating something that would reflect the actress’s personality. Panta is a laid-back, down-to-earth person who finds happiness in little things. “She wanted something very comfortable to wear but also attention-grabbing” he explains.


The pleats in Panta’s dress were exactly seven in number which represented the seven provinces of Nepal. To add a little twist, Bhutia and his team managed to capture a silhouette of a flower in the upper portion.

Adding further, “It took us 3 days to complete the dress and while Panta came for the trail, I could see her eyes beaming with happiness. On the other hand, I was happy and proud to see her flaunting the very gown.” 


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