Social Security allowance to be delivered at doorstep

Newly elected chief of Dodhara Chandni Municipality Kishore Kumar Limbu has said that the social security allowance will be distributed right at people’s doorstep. Mayor Limbu stressed that the problem of drowning and erosion, which is the main problem of the city, would be solved by coordinating with the local, state and central governments. “We will continue to work with the central government to take initiatives to resolve the recurring border issue with the Indian officials,” he said.

Mayor Limbu said that emphasis would be laid on quality education for the development of the education sector and construction of municipal level dormitory along with establishment of municipal library, management of loose quadrupeds within a year and skill-based training for self-employment of those making a living by selling liquor. He said that the illegal sale and distribution of liquor in the city would be completely stopped and only working people would be included in the subsidy program.

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