NC wins in four local levels of Taplejung

NC wins in four local levels of Taplejung

Taplejung district has witnessed the completion of vote counts at all nine local levels.

Nepali Congress (NC) has registered victory at four local levels. CPN-UML has secured its win in three while CPN (Maoist Centre) in two local levels.

According to the results made public, NC candidates have won as mayor in Phungling municipality and as chairpersons in Mikwakhola, Meringden and Sirijunga rural municipalities.

Likewise, UML registered its win in Aathrai Triveni, Sidingwa and Pathivara Yangwark rural municipalities. CPN (Maoist Centre) has won Faktanglung and Maiwakhola rural municipality, the District Returning office informed.

Similarly, NC has clinched vice-chairpersons in Faktanglung and Maiwakhola. UML has won deputy mayor in Phungling municipality and vice-chairpersons in Aathrai Triveni and Pathivara Yangwarak rural municipality.

Maoist Centre has won vice-chair in Mikwakhola, Sidingwa and Sirijunga rural municipalities. CPN (Unified Socialist) has won vice-chair in Meringden.

Out of 61 wards of nine local levels, UML has registered its win in 30 wards, NC in 15 wards, Maoist in 10 wards, Unified Socialist in two wards and Federal Limbuwan Forum in one ward. Independent candidates have registered victory in four wards.

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