Govt. asked to withdraw two-day holiday in education sector

Govt. asked to withdraw two-day holiday in education sector

The Community School Management Committee Federation of Nepal (SMC Federation) has urged the government to revoke its decision to give two days of holiday a week in the education sector.

Stating that the COVID-19 pandemic had hit academic activities hard and there was a loss of learning and studying practice among the students, the Federation asked to continue with regular teaching-learning activities.

In a press statement issued by Federation’s President Krishna Thapa and Secretary-General Gunaraj Moktan on Sunday, the Federation appealed to the government to take back the decision, arguing that it would be detrimental to the continuity of learning activities among the students.

The government implemented the new system in which two days a week (Saturday and Sunday) are holidays in schools and other public offices meant to reduce the consumption of fuel. The new system is being implemented since May 15 this year.

Private schools are running classes arbitrarily while community schools have shut down two days a week.

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