EC demands details of employees negligent in the election

EC demands details of employees negligent in the election

The Election Commission has demanded the details of the polling officers and other staff working against the directive in the local level elections.

According to the Election Commission, any action against the  Election Directive, 2021 and Local Level Election (Voting) Directive, 2021 AD, such as; giving ballot papers without signing the ballot paper, giving ballot papers with half cut, not signing half cut, using ink instead of stamp pads, not preparing ballot papers and accurate voter details, to give a rubber swastika to mark the ballot paper, to give a brass swastika, etc will be considered fraud and those who are involved in such action must be reported.

 Spokesperson of the Commission Shaligram Sharma Poudel said in a statement issued today that instances of security seals not affixed properly, clear details not kept in the poll book, clear lines not affixed in the voter list details has been come to their notice. It is mentioned that serious mistake has been made in deciding the ballot paper Sadar or Badar contrary to the directive 2021.

 Names, surnames, posts, names and addresses of the polling officers and other staff involved in making such serious errors should be reported as the election will be disrupted, postponed and the counting of votes will be affected due to such mistakes made by the responsible polling officers. The Commission has instructed the concerned Chief Electoral Officer and the Returning Officer to disclose the staff code number, name and address of the polling station to the commission.

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