Dashain festival becoming expensive as market price skyrockets

Dashain festival becoming expensive as market price skyrockets

By Our Reporter 

People are now busy preparing to celebrate the Dashain festival. However, the skyrocketing prices of every item ranging from clothes to food in the market have made the Dashain expensive for the people of the lower and middle classes.

If one visits markets to buy goods, he gets first shocked by their high prices. This is the reason why there is a crowd of people in the market but they cannot be seen carrying any goods. It is because they are unable to buy them.

“Recently I selected a cotton shirt, but when at the counter I came to know that the price of a single piece shirt was Rs. 6,900, I had to take it from where I had picked it,” said a college teacher.

Even the bus and airfares have also increased sharply. One has to pay at least Rs. 13,000 to fly to Bhadrapur from Kathmandu and Rs. 18,000 to Dhangadhi.

Similarly, the bus fare to Jhapa is Rs. 2,300 and Rs. 2600 to Ilam. Last year, the fare on the route was Rs. 1400.

“I had flown to Bhadrapur paying just Rs. 2,700 in July this year, but now it has increased to Rs. 13,000,” said the same college teacher.

The rising inflation coupled with the depreciation of the Nepali rupee against the US dollar has led to a price rise. Also, the high rate of fuel has led to an increase in fares, and when the transportation cost is high, everything becomes expensive.

Because of the skyrocketing prices of goods, many people need to cut many things this Dashain.

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