Damage to crops due to wind, hail and water

Damage to crops due to wind, hail and water

The hailstorm along with strong winds in Kalikot on Friday evening has damaged the crops of the farmers. Maize, apple and non-seasonal vegetables have been damaged by wind and hail.

Farmer Anipal BK of Khandachakra Municipality-2 said that the newly growing and growing maize was destroyed by hailstorm. “Growing maize seedlings and sprouting seedlings have been affected,” he said. “We are preparing to plant maize again.”

Hazura Bista of the same ward said that the non-seasonal vegetables and food crops planted by the farmers have been damaged. “I used to cultivate onions and other non-seasonal vegetables in one field,” he said.

Farmer Raj Bahadur Budha of Tilagufa Municipality-1 said that the wind and hailstorm in the district has also affected apple cultivation. “The apple trees were just starting to get ticklish. The hailstorm along with the wind has washed away all those tickles,” he said.

Nawaraj Rokaya of Raskot Municipality-9 said that rainy season is suitable for apple production but hailstorm can destroy it. Tilagufa Nagar and Raskot Nagar of Kalikot are apple areas. The District Agriculture Development Office has declared Khandachakra town as vegetable pocket area and Narharinath village as maize pocket area.

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