Counting of votes has not started in Ramba

Counting of votes has not started in Ramba

The counting of votes in the Rambha village municipality of Palpa has not started yet. The counting process has not been able to move forward since 5 pm in ward no. 5 due to a dispute during the counting of votes on May 14.

According to Election Officer Krishna Prasad Bhandari, the counting was postponed due to a dispute over the number of votes cast by the staff and representatives of political parties. He said that the process could not move forward due to disputes between the parties despite the order from the Election Commission to count the votes.

The controversy erupted after 74 fake votes were found. One thousand 922 votes were cast here. Various parties in the ruling coalition have issued statements calling for a re-run of the election, disagreeing with the results. There was a scuffle between the coalition cadres and the police at the polling station.

Rambha, the office of the Returning Officer, said that the meeting was held at different stages and attempts were made to start the postponed count. In Palpa, which has two municipalities and eight villages, the results of nine local level polls have been made public.

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