Counting completed in 9 wards of Bharatpur

Counting completed in 9 wards of Bharatpur

Counting of votes in nine wards of Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been completed. According to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, the counting of wards 1 to 9 has been completed.

 According to the office, most of the ward chairpersons of the five-party alliance have been elected in the wards where the census has been completed. Though CPN-UML candidate was elected in ward no. 3, other coalition candidates have been elected in other wards. Candidates of Bharatpur Municipal Corporation Ward Nos. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 is won by Nepali Congress, while ward no.7 and 9 CPN-Samajwadi have won. At present, counting of votes in wards 10 and 11 is taking place in 15 places. So far 45,060 votes have been counted including the two wards where votes are being counted.

Renu Dahal of the CPN-Maoist is leading with 3,279 votes in the five-party alliance. Her nearest rival Vijay Subedi of the CPN-UML got 13,410 votes while Dahal got 16,689 votes. Similarly, independent candidate Jagannath Poudel got 6,915 votes.

 Chitrasen Adhikari of the Nepali Congress from the alliance has moved ahead of Himala Gurung of RPP by a margin of 8,533 votes. While he got 19,312 votes, Gurung polled 10,779 votes. In 10 of the wards being counted, the Congress candidate from the alliance has taken the lead while in ward no. 11, the CPN-UML candidate has taken the lead.

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