Constitution becomes coconut in monkeys’ hand

Constitution becomes coconut in monkeys’ hand

By Our Reporter 

It seems the Constitution drafted spending billions of rupees and eight long years have now become like a coconut in a monkey’s hand. Instead of trying to work to create a society envisaged by the national charter, the leaders tend to use it to stick in power, punish the enemies and make money by resorting to corrupt practices.

If one is the Prime Minister, and if his position is challenged, he dissolves the House as was done by KP Sharma Oli. If one PM or leaders close to him are at risk of facing corrupt charges in the court or the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, he registers an impeachment motion to suspend the Justices or the CIAA chair. CJs Sushila Karki and Cholendra and CIAA chief Lokman Singh Karki faced this in the past. If one wants to break the opposition party, he issues an ordinance against the rival party.

The leaders themselves interpret the articles and clauses of the constitution to lengthen their stay in power. The dispute regarding the term of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker is a testimony to this. The PM and Chief Ministers did not think it necessary to prove their majority in the House. These all activities of our leaders have made the constitution like the coconut found by a monkey.

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