Expensive national anthem 


Expensive national anthem 

By Babbler

Republicanism is expensive from all angles. Our leaders have become very expensive, and federalism itself has become an expensive system. Food is expensive, medicine is expensive, petroleum products are expensive and the national anthem has also become expensive.

We have the national anthem describing our brave story “Jangi Nishan Hamro”, which is very popular but the song penned by Byakul Maila limiting Nepal within Mechi to Mahakali has been recognized as the national anthem, which is no more than an injustice.

The Dengue havoc

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nepalis have been suffering from Dengue havoc. Neither the federal government nor the provincial government nor the local government has shown concern in controlling the Dengue infection. This is utter negligence performed by the so-called people’s governments.

More serious to note is that the government is unable to supply cetamol tablets controling fever. If we talk about Royal Drugs Limited, it becomes a story of once upon a time, however, this is the story of the “autocratic” panchayat days that the government undertaking was producing enough cetamol tablets and many other medicines. The “lok-tantra” has collapsed many such industries making Nepal self-reliant.

The question is to whom the people’s representatives are responsible?

Shinzo Abe’s state funeral 

Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral was held on 27 September. Abe was shot dead on 8 July by a gunman. The Japanese people have opposed the huge government expenditure on Abe’s state funeral.

From the Nepali perspective, Japan is a rich country and there should be no question about the government expenditure on performing the last rites of such a towering leader. But the Japanese nationals are seriously concerned about unnecessary expenditure of the government.

In a poor and beggar country like Nepal, if a leader dies, the government will have to bear all the expenses. We saw it when Girija Prasad Koirala was cremated. One thing, a democracy can flourish only if the citizens and the leaders become responsible for their duty to the nation.


  • Presently both the policy and leadership of the Nepali Congress are bad.

Lokesh Dhakal, Leader, NC 


  • Who are they asking for citizenship every 15-20 years, from where did they come? It has become inevitable to stop it.

Aashish Republic

  • The gang of dishonest leaders is distributing citizenship to the Biharis by denying citizenship to the pure Nepalis in Tarai.

For ensuring the political future of Prachanda and his daughters and Deuba and his wife, they are pleasing the Indians. Distributing citizenship to the hundreds of thousands of Indians just to please Modi is an act of traitors.

Prem Singh Basnyat, PhD

  • They launched a bloody “people’s war” for ten years saying that their 40-point demand was not met.

Later, they became prime ministers again and again but they didn’t fulfil even one of their demands. Again, they are talking about the next “people’s war”!

Ratna Sansar Shrestha


  • Say no to federalism, the country cannot be drowned.

Long live true decentralization!

Dipak Gyawali

  • Arju Rana on behalf of the backward women community; Bimalendra Nidhi from the backward Madheshi class; Prakashsharan Mahat from the backward Khas-Arya community!

It is a big shame on the proportional system.

Krishna Ghimire

  • A proportional election system has been introduced for those who are afraid to contest elections or who cannot win or who cannot be directly given tickets or for those relatives or businessmen who can raise election expenses!

Madhu Raman Acharya


  • The possibility of a new “people’s war” has increased, also, the day when the people will beat the leader is not far.

Ujjwal Bikram Thapa

  • The advantage of proportional election is only for Sher B. Deuba and Balkrishna Khand. They have been able to include their wives in the list of proportional candidates. The task of the MPs is to make someone minister. They have no planning to build the country.

Narendra Bikram Chand

  • Be it a movement or a people’s war, I also had big participation! However, I could not open a political shop, I could not lift my relatives! I pay high taxes, the republic keeps me alive! I see generations of the country crippled by hunger and disease!

Kamal Bhattarai

  • Are there Deuba’s wife and Khand’s wife only women in Congress? There are no other women in Congress?


  • As the Mahakali water was not given to Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba was made the Prime Minister for the 5 time and the arrangement was made for the sixth time as well.

Madhav Acharya

  • In the past five years, there have been 16 chief ministers, 230 ministers and two prime ministers. A dog walking in the street has instead prevented theft in the community. Federalist ministers and chief ministers have done nothing but loot the country. The throat of federalism is becoming cancerous. Let’s take it out!

Bimal Pokharel

  • He is the one who will win the election and destabilize the country for the next 5 years.

He has support from Congress. He has immense money. He has a firm grip on power and resources. He can create propaganda. He can thus warn the votes that he may launch another “people’s war” if defeated in the election.

Sharad Raj Pathak

Compiled by Sushma Shrestha

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