Former Nepali Cricket captain Khadka announces retirement from international cricket

Former Nepali Cricket captain Khadka announces retirement from international cricket

Kathmandu, Aug 3. Former captain of Nepali National Cricket Team, Paras Khadka, has announced his retirement from the international cricket.

“With utmost clarity, respect and gratitude, I have now decided to retire myself from playing International Cricket,” he announced through his Twitter post today.

“Playing for Nepal has been my biggest achievement and for that I will always be indebted towards my coaches, players, fans, stakeholders, friends and family for their continuous support over the last 18 years since I started as a young 15-year -old back in 2022,” the 33-year-old cricketer wrote on the Twitter.

He went on to say that as a cricketer, he has given his heart, blood and soul and has always dreamed to achieve better for his country.

As he shared, his ultimate dream is to see Nepal have a better cricketing system for which he has spent all his energy in the last two decades and to improve it will require matching support from everyone in the cricketing community and beyond. “I believe with everyone’s honest effort and intentions, we will be able to do so.”

Khadka took over the captaincy for the Nepali Cricket Team in 2009 and he took this responsibility till 2019.
He has experiences of playing 10 one-day internationals and 33 T-20 tournaments.

The right-handed batsman had played with 315 runs in the one-day international and 799 runs in the T-20.
He made his debut for the senior Nepali team against Malaysia in April 2004.

“This amazing journey on a cricket field as an international cricketer ends here, but the cricket dreams for my country have just started,” he mentioned. RSS/File Photo

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